I use an analytical (or “insight-based”) approach to help clients understand themselves better and also to help them uncover deep-seated conflicts and self-defeating patterns of thought, feeling, or behaviour. These patterns may have begun in the past and continued, affecting mood,  ability to function, or relationships. Therefore, the work may involve looking at how the past can continue to have an effect in the present. It also involves carefully exploring what is happening in the present, to bring to light aspects of your situation, your feelings or behaviour that you may have been unaware of. This approach can be especially helpful for people seeking to know "why" they feel, act, or react as they do. This kind of work can be beneficial for long-standing or recurring difficulties or for those problems which affect several areas of a person's life.

When time, finances, the nature of the problem, or the client’s personal preference don't indicate open-ended work, I also do cognitive and behavioural shorter-term work with specific client objectives to overcome a particular difficulty. This kind of work focuses on a problem which is troubling the client, examining the thinking and associated behaviours which reinforce its occurrence, and helping the client replace them with more positive and adaptive ways of perceiving and acting.


I use a systemic, emotionally-focussed method (EFT) to help couples identify their damaging patterns of communication and interaction, and recognize how negative exchanges feed upon one another, leading to a downward spiral. I help the couple reverse a negative cycle of interaction through recognizing and expressing the more tender and vulnerable feelings which often lie beneath anger and verbally-attacking behaviour or distancing. This approach can be helpful for couples with a history of non-violent conflict and also for those who seek relationship enhancement to build upon existing strengths in the couple.

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Brian Wrench is a member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec

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